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    Discovered recently when trying to set up a MyID Web server in a DMZ.

    Where I could logon to MyID via the Desktop Client none of the workflows would launch. You would double click on a workflow and there was a short period where it tries to launch before returning to the DSK dashboard.


    The root cause was discovered by running MyID System Interrogation Utility.

    The server role “ASP” was not installed on the Web server.

    MyID 10.8 Update 2, Installation and Configuration Guide. Section 4.6.1 paragraph 2. * Web Server (IIS)\Web Server\Application Development\ASP


    * Open the Server Manager

    * Add Roles and Features

    * Role-based or feature based installation

    * Select server (the local server name – should be the only one listed.

    * Browse to Web Server IIS > Web Server > Application Development.

    * Select ASP (if not already installed)

    * Click “Next” through until the “Install” button is no longer greyed out.

    * Click “Install”

    Although technically not needed a full restart of the server is useful.

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