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    When a MyID Application Server and MyID Database are on different machines with the possibility of a firewall existing between them. The following error may be seen in the MyID System Event logs.

    BOL Caught Exception in Function GetAuditItems, Error Description BOL ComException catch handler for function : GetAuditItems Unable to enlist in the transaction. DAL COM catch handler Function : Get, catch handler. Error : Unable to enlist in the transaction. New transaction cannot enlist in the specified transaction coordinator. , Error Number 0x8004d00a


    This indicates that there is an issue with the communication between the App Server and the DB Server. You will see the above error even if the .udl works fine and DTCPing from App to DB is successful when the firewall access for the DCOM ports is only from App to DB.


    The DAL does not work unless the same configuration for DCOM ports is permitted in the firewall from DB back to App. Unless this step is performed, you will see this type of error message.

    This is documented in the Installation and Configuration Guide (attached) and you should refer to and check section – 13.2.3 Application server to database server.

    Confirm that DCOM port ranges and Firewall configuration is correct in both directions.

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