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    Operation Aborted One of the certificate that have been requested for you has failed to issue. Please contact your administrator

    This message can include the additional information below:

    [Error Number:] -9990003


    While using the Self-service app to provision a new credential, the error message is displayed.


    This can result from certificate related issues or if the eCertificate Service is not running or has ‘hung’. It may also occur if the time between servers has become out of sync.


    If on checking the date/time on each server involved in the MyID environment shows that the time has become out of sync, even by seconds, initially attempt a restart of all servers and check the time again. If the issue with the time persists, check that all servers are using the same NTP server to provide time to them and if they are not, ensure that they are. If all else fails, manually bring the times back in to sync if network policy allows.

    If the eCertificate Service has ‘hung’ or is not running, attempt to restart the service. Once restarted, attempt issuance again.

    If it is found that the eCertificate Service is running and has not ‘hung’, review the System Events and Audit Report for indication of the underlying issue. It may also useful to check the Certificate Authority to identify whether there is any indication of the issue in against failed requests. On occasion, depending on the nature of the underlying issue, there may be a message recorded in the ‘Disposition Message’ of the specific certificate record within the MyID database.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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