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    Discovered in version 12.8.0 but will affect versions 12.6.0 to 12.9.0 inclusive.

    Using an “=” sign in any part of the service accounts passwords will cause problems during installations and upgrades. This is because of the way that Installshield actions get passed to the Powershell Custom Actions of the MyID installer.

    This will show up as warnings in the Windows Application Events with “Complus” where there is a failure to find the DLL files pertaining to the COM+ Applications. You may also find that GenMaster will fail to start (on first time installations).

    Steps are being taken to rectify this issue in later versions of the product and this KB Article will be updated when this problem has been addressed.

    Until then, the recommendation is to not use the “=” sign in any part of the passwords for the service accounts, at least during product installations and upgrades.

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