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    The MyID REST Core API was introduced at MyID 11.6.0 and underpins the browser independent MyID Operator Client.

    Prior to MyID 12.2.0 the number of records that can be returned by the Core API reporting functionality was 200. Customers on versions prior to MyID 12.2.0 may find that the number of results returned by a call to the API did not return as many records as expected.

    The functionality that allowed the number of results to be increased was found to have a bug that was corrected in MyID 12.2.0 onwards.

    The record limit was significantly increased from 200 to 20,000.

    The advice in this article is that if you are experiencing this issue on a system that is pre-MyID 12.2.0 then we recommend that you upgrade your system to the latest version of MyID.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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