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    Authored in response to a customer question, when using .NET 3.x was being flagged up in a vulnerability search.

    • Versions of MyID prior to 12.3.0 all used .NET Core 3.x.
    • From version 12.3.0 onward the MyID versions all use .NET Core 6.x.
    • MyID Versions prior to 12.3.0 cannot have .NET Core upgraded to 6.x. Doing so will result in a non-functional system.

    Please refer to the “Installation and Configuration Guide, Hardware and Software Requirements” relevant to your version of MyID for further information.

    If there is a requirement in your organisation to move off .NET Core 3.x then the current advice is that you must upgrade your MyID system to the latest version of the product.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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