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    Specifically using the Core API method “PATCH /api/People/{id”

    Use case

    A user account is imported from an LDAP directory service, such as Active Directory. Users are then required to be updated using the MyID Core API (REST). However, fields that were specifically imported from LDAP are not changed. Nothing appears in either Audit or System Events to suggest that there was a problem.


    Unlike the deprecated Lifecycle API, the REST API underpins the newer Operator Client. So it obeys the same rules as if making changes via the GUI. This includes making changes to LDAP imported fields in the user account.

    This could be either one, or a combination of these two Configuration options. Operation Settings. LDAP tab.

    • EDIT DIRECTORY INFORMATION. If this is set to NO then it will not be possible to update any LDAP imported fields. This must be set to YES. It is critical that this setting be made.
    • BACKGROUND RESYNC. If this is set to YES then it is possible that any changes made using the Core API will be automatically updated by the Resync the next time that the user details are accessed using the GUI, if they have also not been changed in the directory. If updates are ONLY to be made using the Core API then this should be set to NO. However, it may be that background synchronisation is still a requirement, in which case any changes made using the Core API should also first be made in the directory. Note that it may be the changes in the directory trigger an update to be made by the Core API.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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