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    Issue: When attempting to log on with a password the Operator Client logon window appears to freeze.

    Cause: The MyID Client Service is incorrectly configured. Although the MyID Client Service doesn’t need to be running in order to log on with passwords, it would block password logon if it’s incorrectly configured.

    The MyID Client Service needs to be running if client IP address and identifier values need to be included in audit records.

    Resolution: Check any issues that have been identified in the MyID Client Service App log.

    Right-click the MyID Client Service icon in the Windows system tray.

    From the pop-up menu, click Show.

    The MyID Client Service window appears.

    Check the log output for any messages relating to connection difficulties.

    The most likely issue is that the AccessControlAllowOrigin key in MyIDClientService.dll.config doesn’t match the domain hosting Operator Client.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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