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    We are aware of an issue that affects MyID v11.5, where the Edefice_DAL component sometimes becomes disabled and stops MyID operating.  It is typically triggered by manipulation of images.  Known examples are uploading of images and working with images in the Card Layout Editor.

    When this issue occurs, operators may encounter errors like:

    From this point on, MyID operations cease to function.

    Windows Event Viewer will indicate that the DAL has been disabled: 

    Component Services also confirms that:




    When this occurs, the IIS Application Pool triggers Windows auto-repair that launches the product installer resulting in the Edefice_DAL being disabled.


    This issue does not occur in later versions of MyID so upgrading to version 11.6 or above will resolve the issue.  As a preventative workaround, and to avoid a system outage in MyID v11.5, we recommend removing the local admin rights on the Web Service user account within Windows to prevent the repair from running.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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