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    When activating a card, with Terms and Conditions enabled in the credential profile, you may encounter error -99900041 being presented to the user.  Error 9007148 is recorded in the Audit and the following exception in the MyIDProcessDriver log (if enabled):

    <LogEntry Type=”Exception”><TimeStamp>2020-09-10 15:03:02.426</TimeStamp><ManagedThreadID>7</ManagedThreadID><Source>MyIDProcessDriver</Source><Class>TermsConditionsObject</Class><Method>AreSignedTermsAccepted</Method><Message>The terms and conditions certificate could not be validated. 

    The problem is caused by the MyID Application server being unable to validate the CRL of the signing certificate on the operator card all the way up the chain.

    Either disable Terms and Conditions in the Credential Profile, or ensure that certificates can be validated up the complete chain.  This may require opening up firewall rules to allow.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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