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    Intercede has produced the HSM Test Utility (HTU) for several years now in response to the questions of whether the product supports new High Security Modules than stated in the product documentation. If the standard response of if the HSM Test Utility (HTU) provides good results then MyID will likely work without problems and we would support it.

    There are two caveats to this statement in relation to the LUNA S790.

    o    The S790 is a PED device. This isn’t particularly a problem with MyID since it already works with other LUNA HSM’s that use a PED. If you don’t have a device that uses a PED currently then when you set this up with MyID or have to reset it for any reason you will need to be physically present with the HSM to use the PED. 


    o    If the LUNA S790 does not use the Safenet LUNA SA Client version 7.4 then this is unlikely to work. Later SA clients being developed by Thales are 64 bit only and we are currently having to perform a significant amount of development to work with it. This means we would be unlikely to back fit this into earlier versions of MyID and more likely to include this support in a later release. 


    The HSM Test Utility is packaged with every release of MyID. Check your installation media.


    This product statement is correct as of 25/08/2020. Please check for further updates.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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