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    Is there a way to switch on logging for the Lifecycle API (XML Import / MyIDEnroll) for troubleshooting purposes?


    ANSWER :

    The Audit and System Events Reports can provide troubleshooting information in the event that transmissions via the Lifecycle API are failing or not producing the expected results. However, there are exceptions to this in the event that the transmission to the Lifecycle API is not reaching a point where the information being sent can be processed. There is some additional logging that can be switched on for the API itself.


      • On the server accepting the XML requests, usually the MyID Web Server, navigate to the MyIDEnroll folder in the Intercede program folder. By default this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Intercede\MyID\Web\MyIDEnroll.
      • Edit the file Web.config. Ideally this will need to be performed in a text editor as a user with local administrator privileges, i.e. RUN AS Administrator.
      • In between the nodes </configuration> and </system.webserver>, insert the following XML


    <trace autoflush=”true” />  


    <source name=”System.Web.Services.Asmx”>  


    <add name=”AsmxTraceFile” type=”System.Diagnostics.TextWriterTraceListener” initializeData=“c:\Logs\myidenroll.log” traceOutputOptions=”LogicalOperationStack, DateTime, Timestamp, ProcessId, ThreadId”/>  





    <add name=”System.Web.Services.Asmx” value=“Verbose”/>  



    The text highlighted in YELLOW is where the log file will be written. This can be any folder path / file name that the MyID service accounts have permissions to write to.  The folder should be excluded from any anti-virus checking.

    The text highlighted in GREEN should be changed from “Verbose” to “None” after the troubleshooting has completed to prevent performance problems and large log files filling up disk space.

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