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    If the activation code is not presented in a timely manner whilst activating a card, the process may time out.  This will mean that a new activation code will need to be requested in order to try again.


    By default, the MyID Desktop Client will wait 30 seconds for a response in a workflow before timing out.

    The parameter <PageTimeoutSeconds> can be added or amended in the MYIDDesktop.exe.CONFIG file in the <appSettings> section.  This configuration file can be found in the MyIDDesktop folder and needs to be amended on each affected client.  Here is an example <appSettings> section where the timeout has been increased to 60 seconds.


    <add key=”Server” value=”servername”></add>

    <add key=”ProcessDriver” value=”myidprocessdriver/ProcessDriver.asmx”></add>

    <add key=”ProcessCard” value=”myidprocessdriver/ProcessCard.asmx”></add>

    <add key=”DataSource” value=”MyIDDataSource/dataSource.asmx”></add>

    <add key=”CardReaderData” value=”MyIDDataSource/dataSource.asmx”></add>

    <add key=”WinAuth” value=”myidprocessdriver/WindowsAuth.asmx”></add>

    <add key=”WinAuthPD” value=”myidprocessdriver/ProcessDriver.asmx”></add>

    <add key=”ProcessDriverPort” value=””></add>

    <add key=”ProcessCardPort” value=””></add>

    <add key=”DataSourcePort” value=””></add>

    <add key=”CardReaderDataPort” value=””></add>

    <add key=”SSLCertificateDN” value=””></add>

    <add key=”PageTimeoutSeconds” value=”60″></add>


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