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    This following error is reported in the client and/or the System Events report when attempting to issue a PIV card. 

    Error: -2147220734 - Exception thrown: class CardException Error: 0x80040302: A general smartcard error occurred Extra Info: Container not supported: clientSIGNKEYS ------------------------- Exception raised in function: PivCard::DetermineKeyReference In file PivCard.cpp at line 821 Smart card I/O error 


    When you create the Credential Profile for a PIV card you must specify which one of the certificates issued by the credential profile will be used to digitally sign the Audit during MyID Logon operations and digitally encrypt the traffic between the client and the webserver. 

    If you select ‘MyID Logon’ and ‘MyID Encryption’ in the Credential Profile (Services), then you must specify which certificate will be used for this purpose at the ‘Certificates’ stage of the workflow. Otherwise, MyID will revert to using self-generated generic keys during the card issuance which will cause the issuance to fail.


    The resolution is to select a certificate in the Credential Profile to use for MyID Logon and/or MyID Encryption.  

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