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    I have a question about the linking roles to LDAP in MyID. I did some tests in MYID 10.8 U2 and it works as it should, but MyID did NOT add the role for users in an encapsulated group. For example if I add the role .LIN-All and link it to the Active Directory: All users, that are directly in the group .LIN-All get the corresponding role. E.g. But if the user is in a sub group, e.g in .LIN-Alle-Bulle, the role is not applied. Now my question is, if there is any possibility to expand the role inheritance on Active Directory subgroups. .



    The name of the AD group must match the name of the MyID role exactly, so it is not possible to automatically associate members of the .LIN-Alle-Bulle group with the .LIN-All role, even though it is a sub group and not a completely separate group. MyID will treat them as separate groups and does not treat the sub group as a subordinate of the parent group. We see 2 ways you can make this work: 1. Edit members of the .LIN-Alle-Bulle group to be also member of the .LIN-All group, but that will likely make the sub group pointless in AD. 2. You could create a new role called .LIN-Alle-Bulle and base it on the existing .LIN-All role and link it to the .LIN-Alle-Bulle AD group.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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