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    The following error appears as the Disposition Message in the certificate record:

    -2146877436 certsrv_E_property_empty

    Reported to user as error -9990003


    A user attempts to issue a credential and issuance fails during the certificate stages with the error -9990003. The detail of this error is reported within the disposition message of the certificate record.


    The Enrolment Agent Certificate has expired


    Delete the existing, expired Enrolment Agent Certificate from the edifice certificate store of the MyID COM+ User account. On making the next request for a certificate, MyID should request a replacement certificate.

    On occasion, the request for a new certificate may be blocked by CA configuration and require manual intervention by the CA administrator.

    On rare occasions, the request will fail and the replacement Enrolment Agent certificate will need to be requested manually.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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