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    If the virtual directories are incorrectly configured for MyID to run successfully, the below errors can be presented to the end user. This issue would typically only occur during the initial setup of MyID or if a significant change to the Web Server had been undertaken:

    Configuration Error. All logon methods are currently disabled. Please contact your System Administrator for assistance. Please ensure that this virtual directory is correctly configured in the IIS Console.

    Error Detected An error has been detected of type: Unexpected Error This may have occurred for the following reasons: ‘adPersistXML’ is undefined

    Our recommendation in such scenarios would be to restore the server to the last known ‘working’ configuration or if this is a new installation, it would be recommended that the server is restored to a point prior to the MyID installation and the installation is attempted again.

    It may be possible to restore the system to a working state by reviewing all settings in IIS and comparing those to expectation detailed in the documentation but this is not the recommended route unless it is known as to what specifically had been changed in to the IIS configuration to cause the issue to occur.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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