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    We are getting an error, IA10006 on some devices while doing provisioning on our Mobile App application.


    Essentially IA10006 is a failure in the first communication for the provisioning process (incorrect URL, server refusal, untrusted PKI etc).

    Looking at previous reports of this error, a couple of possible causes

    • Flow control limit exceeded – i.e. can occur if the number of sessions exceeds the value in Operation Settings > Identity Agent Policy > Maximum Session Count
    • Other instances point towards issues with TLS/SSL trust.


    Check the Maximum Session Count is not being exceeded.
    Check that the mobiles in question trust the TLS/SSL certificates used for the MyID web services.

    You can also check the client logs (See the Mobile Identity Management Installation and Configuration Guide for logging details) to determine if further information is available for diagnosing the problem.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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