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    When trying to issue a card we receive the following error.


    • Unlisted Error

    Failed in stage: 2155

    • -2146434965 – Error: 0x8010006b : The card cannot be accessed because the wrong PIN was presented.Info: CardUnblockPin
      Exception raised in function: md::MiniDriverBase::UnblockPIN
      In file MiniDriverBase.cpp at line 1324

    Card Generation Error

    • There has been a problem creating the card.
    • Please try again with a new card.


    • Failure when trying to set PIN

    Where we have seen error ”0x8010006b” it has generally meant the same thing. And this is that the SOPIN programmed onto the cards is not the same as MyID is trying to use when managing the card.

    When MyID is installed it is pre-populated with what we understand to be the default factory SOPIN for each device that MyID supports. It is not unusual for customers to order their cards with custom SOPIN’s and in that event there needs to be a little extra work performed to allow MyID to issue and manage those cards.

    You should check if this card or batch of cards was delivered with a custom SOPIN.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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