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    If you receive the following error from the MyID Installer when attempting to upgrade to MyID 10.8 Update 2.

    Error 27506. Error executing SQL script schema.sql. Line 6205. There is already an object named ‘CreateIndexes’
    in the database. (2714)

    You need to install the following ‘Pre-Upgrade’ patch – VTEN 10.8.1000.18-U

    This update provides a database script that addresses issues that occur when upgrading to MyID 10.8.
    You must run this script against your MyID database immediately before upgrading to MyID 10.8.

    This update is applicable to any version of MyID earlier than MyID 10.7 upgrading to MyID 10.8.

    Note: This error can also be displayed when the database has reached a maximum space limit that has been set.
    This can be resolved by changing the SQL setting for the database via the SQL management user interface.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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