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    Script Error An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line: 6130 Char: 2 Error: Unable to get property ‘text’ of undefined or null reference Code: 0 URL:


    A credential profile can be configured to expire at the same point in time that the certificates placed upon a card using the credential profile expire. This will cause MyID to generate a Card Expiry Notification which will appear in the Jobs list as though it was a card renewal notification. If the notifications in MyID have been modified as such to email the end user with a link to a client application to collect the job, it will result in the error.


    The error occurs as there are no jobs returned that can be processed by the client application, as the job is to trigger a notification to the end user and not a job that can be collected on to a device.


    The correct approach to resolve this issue and utilise the same physical device, is to use the MyID Desktop Client to cancel the device and re-issue it to the user, using a correctly configured Credential Profile (i.e. one which expires further in to the future than the certificates placed upon the device it is assigned to). However, there are alternative approaches such as that below, that can be used to ease burden on helpdesks / end users:

    Using Lifecycle API:

    1. Remote Cancel the card using the Lifecycle API

    2. Request a new card using the Lifecycle API – referencing the updated version of the credential profile – This request triggers an email to be sent to the user to collect their card.

    3. User logs on with utilising an alternative logon method that may be available to them – For example: Passphrase, Logon Code, Windows Authentication.

    4. Email to user can be configured to run “Collect My Card” directly after logging on. Their card will then be issued back to them with a longer lifetime and new certificates.

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