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    I’m attempting to do a 2 Tier Install (App/Web & DB server) for MyID 10.8 in one of our new environments. The database install worked successfully, but when the attempting the application/web install, I’m getting the following error.

    ComPlusApplicationSetIdentity Err# = ‘-2146368492” Description = ”

    The install proceeds to lock the COM+ service account.


    The error ‘-2146368492’ indicates that ‘The identity or password set on the application is not valid’ for the Edefice_BOL component.

    This could be an invalid username somewhere or at least the server you are trying to install to is unable to validate the username/password. Please note that this error may be caused by using special characters in the password of the COM+ service user account. If you do observe the error above and the COM+ service user account does have one or more special characters in the password, try changing the password to one that contains only standard alpha/numeric characters.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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