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    You receive the following error when attempting to install MyID.

    ‘CADatabaseOperations FAILED’

    This error indicates a fundamental inability for the App Server to connect to the DB Server.

    It maybe an unresolvable host name or a non-standard SQL port that is causing the installer to produce the ‘CADatabaseOperations FAILED’ error message, and this is before it has made a successful connection to SQL.

    To resolve this issue you should try the following.

    • From the App Server, is it possible for the installing user to launch SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the target instance of SQL Server? And from there access the ‘master’ and ‘model’ databases? If it cannot, you must resolve this before running the MyID Installer.
    • If it can, what connection details are being used? Is there a non-standard port used? The MyID installation wizard needs exactly those same details. if a non-standard port is used it must be specified to the installer in the format [hostname],[port].
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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