MyID Integration Toolkit

MyID is often implemented as part of a wider identity management infrastructure; this may require integration with multiple in-house systems such as human resources, account provisioning, single sign on and physical access control.

Just as important as the integration of multiple technologies is providing a secure and seamless business process. This demands that deployed systems can work together in a service-oriented architecture model to allow a single identity policy to be implemented across multiple systems.

The MyID Toolkit provides the capabilities to take an out of the box implementation of MyID and integrate it to become part of an end-to-end identity management solution.


What does the Toolkit consist of and what can you do with it?

The MyID Toolkit consists of a package of APIs, documentation and sample code designed to extend the capabilities of MyID beyond those that can be achieved by the use of the product GUI alone.

The Toolkit is available for use with MyID Enterprise and MyID PIV Editions. Some capabilities may differ depending on the edition of MyID in use – for example fingerprint or facial biometric enrolment. Check the product documentation supplied with your installation of MyID for further details of available capabilities.


Example use casesToolkit Feature
Integrate user and credential management from your own systems using REST APIs. Functionality available includes
• User enrolment & lifecycle management including directory integration
• Creating and managing credential requests
• Device lifecycle activities such as revoking or replacing credentials.
• Search, report and retrieve information about people, credentials, devices, requests and audit data
Integrate MyID apps with your own web pages for

• Smartcard authentication to MyID
• Personalizing, unlocking and erasing physical and virtual smart cards & tokens
• MyID PIV fingerprint and facial biometric enrolment (additional software may be required)
• Scanning documents
• Modifying images using the MyID image editor
MyID Client Services API
Build a customized self-service kiosk for user enrolment and credential management that builds in your own web content and interacts with MyID clients for fingerprint enrolment and smart card processingCustomizing the Self Service Kiosk
Changing the color scheme of MyID to make it fit your organizations branding

Adding your own web links to the MyID Operator client for direct access to related systems and websites
Customizing MyID Clients


sample web portal is also available that demonstrates use of these features.


What support is available for use of the toolkit?

Information about accessing support is provided in the toolkit agreement. By using the toolkit information provided, you agree to adhere to the terms of the toolkit agreement.