Lock down your login

Today marks the launch of a campaign dear to our hearts here at Intercede – in collaboration with the White House, the US National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and more than 34 other companies and NGOs, we’re proud to announce our support of Lock Down Your Login, a campaign to encourage people to secure their online accounts.

72% of Americans think their online accounts are secure while relying only on usernames and passwords – but every two seconds, there is another victim of identity fraud. It’s time people became aware of just how insecure and antiquated a system they really are. The answer is strong two-factor authentication, and the campaign is designed to make people aware of how to start using it where it’s available.

RapID is a piece of technology designed by Intercede to give app developers and service providers the tools to implement watertight two-factor authentication into their mobile apps cheaply, securely and to whatever scope they require. To find out more, visit the website.