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    We’ve been in the cybersecurity space since the beginning, now protecting millions of identities worldwide.


    The underlying technology that drives RapID has formed the backbone of secure web services for many years, but its extension to client authentication has been limited by its inability to support large scale deployments typical of consumer facing services. In addition, the management of digital identities from their creation, updating, recovery and revocation is the Achilles heel for most solutions and is absent in many solutions.

    RapID is the world’s first completely packaged solution to this technology problem. We have eliminated the barriers to enable the widespread adoption of digital trust.

    RapID is based on the only set of security technology standards already universally adopted by all popular mobile and server platforms, regardless of manufacturer.

    Intercede’s service architecture permits not only authentication but also allows for the sharing of trust, digital signing and data encryption. This is a pragmatic response to fast moving cyber threats facing all service providers and the discontent of customers with password based security.


    Ease of deployment for both developers and cloud service providers using SaaS.
    Service Provider specific provisioning.
    Applications only trust Service Provider’s own certificates.
    Convenience for end users, avoiding external one-time-passwords.
    Removal of the need for service providers to store passwords and for users to remember them.

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