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    There’s now widespread acceptance that usernames and passwords are inadequate forms of authentication. A more secure system is essential to build and maintain trust between online providers of services and their users.

    Data breaches with theft and misuse of client data have increased significantly, with dramatic impact on app adoption, brand reputation and share price.
    The common reuse of username and password for multiple apps and online environments, is a significant risk to identity security, even when combined with one-time passwords (OTPs).
    The necessity to create ever increasingly complex passwords and the clumsy SMS or token-based OTPs, result in annoyance for the user and are slowing the uptake of interactive services.
    Phishing incidents have increased to epidemic proportions, with compromised usernames and passwords being freely traded on the open web.
    It’s widely recognized that any inconvenience caused by adding additional security steps to the logon procedure has a detrimental impact on adoption & use of services.
    For App Developers, there is an explosion of costly multi-factor authentication methods, which add an additional layer of security to basic username and password, but create a significant integration and support overhead.

    With RapID from Intercede..
    End Users enjoy unrivaled ease of use with no more passwords to remember. Happy times!
    App Developers get easy to implement, cost-effective, strong authentication. What’s not to like?
    Service Providers get enterprise-grade client authentication, with the confidence that identities and data cannot be stolen or leaked. Know your users are who they say they are!
    …and all this from a company that’s been in the cyber-security space since the beginning, currently protecting millions of identities worldwide.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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