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    What is RapID Secure Login?

    RapID Secure Login (RapID-SL) is an app for Android and iOS that works with a WordPress Plugin to let you and your users log in to WordPress websites and blogs without using passwords.

    To log in from any desktop browser, simply scan the QR-code with RapID-SL on your mobile device, and it delivers a cryptographic signature to log you in without having to enter any of your details into the browser. That means there’s no risk of your details being intercepted, cached in the browser or keylogged and you don’t have to remember horrifically complex passwords for every site you visit.

    You can also use RapID-SL directly from your mobile device – simply navigate to the site on your browser as usual, then, when it pops up, tap the QR-code and it launches RapID-SL automatically for you. Then you authenticate with your fingerprint or PIN.

    The RapID-SL app manages all your accounts, so you can log in to multiple accounts on multiple websites using just your mobile device with your fingerprint or a simple PIN. When you go to log in to a site on which you have multiple accounts, RapID-SL asks you which account you want to use.

    Built on experience gained through Intercede’s MyID, developed over the last 20 years to deliver secure credentials for some of the largest global organisations. Intercede software is currently used to manage over 11 million credentials worldwide, including numerous US and UK government agencies.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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