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    Hi Dan,  Thank you for  your post.  We will raise and deal with this query as a standard support ticket.

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    I’m starting this discussion topic because 1) I want to experience this new forum offering from Intercede, and 2) I purchased the MyID CardChecker app for my Android because I have a client who might be interested in being able to validate smart cards.


    I’m running v2.0.91 of CardChecker on my Samsung Note 8 running Android v9 (Pie).  NFC is enabled on the phone.  I have an ACR38 smart card reader and purchased a USB Type A female to USB Type C male adapter cable so that I can connect the smart card reader to the phone’s USB-C port. (

    I have Oberthur v7 and IDEMIA v8.1 PIV cards to use for testing.


    The documentation at the Play Store indicates that the PIV card can be placed near the phone to read the CHUID.  Mine does not.  There is a note indicating that newer PIV cards may be incompatible with later versions of Android.  Google needs to fix the NFC timeout.  I’m chalking up my failure to the NFC timeout problem.


    I seem to have left my USB-A to USB-C cable at home.  I will add to this thread tomorrow when I am able to complete this test.  I do know that when I purchased the app back in April that I was able to read the Oberthur v7 PIV card.  I recall that the IDEMIA v8.1 PIV card would not read indicating that only FIPS 201 compliant cards can be used.


    1. Is this application still supported?

    2. Will it be enhanced to handle IDEMIA v8.1 PIV cards?  GSA/NIST require the new DRBG cards going forward (IDEMIA v8.1 is a DRBG card).

    3. My client is interested in using the app to determine if the card is “valid”.  What validity tests are run against the card when A) the NFC interface is used, and B) when the USB interface with successful PIN entry is used

    4. Will the app indicate if a card has been locked/blocked?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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