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    Can I add a new font to be used within the MyID card layout? 


    Yes it is possible to include new fonts within the MyID card layout editor. Additional fonts can be specified as a custom hook within MyID custom web hooks folders. 

    Please do the following (and obviously test before rollout): 

        • Ensure the desired fonts are installed on all the workstations that will be printing the cards and editing the layout.
        • Make an exact note of the system font names
        • You will need to edit the res/custom/js/JSHook/asp file in each language; example location : C:\Program Files (x86)\Intercede\MyID\Web\en\res\custom\js 
        • Add the following function – or amend if it previously exists

    function customCardPrinterFonts(){  
    Response.Write(‘<option value=”MyFont” >MyFont</option>’)  
    Response.Write(‘<option value=”MyFont2″ >My other font</option>’)  

    Replace “MyFont” with the exact font name you wish to add and then do the same with “MyFont2” if you wish to add more fonts.  

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