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    Error Code 128
    Text Failed to verify signature for running application.
    Details This error occurs when a MyID client has been unable to successfully validate component signatures.
    Solution Allow the client access to the internet when it launches – this will give Windows access to the latest CRLs and CAs to perform signature verification.

    If you cannot give the client access to the internet, add the following configuration to the client configuration file:

    <add key=”ComponentVerificationSkipRevocationChecks” value=”TRUE”></add>

    to disable revocation checks, which should negate the need for an internet connection. See the installation guide for your client for details. Note that this reduces the integrity of the signature verification, as the client will be unable to determine if any of the certificates in the chain have been revoked since signing occurred – as such, you should ensure that the client’s configuration file is modifiable only by users with administrative privileges.

    If you continue to see this error even with revocation checks disabled, it is likely that you do not have the relevant root certificates installed on your machine. In this instance, you should ensure that all of the Thawte root certificates are correctly installed in the Trusted Roots store on your machine (

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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