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    Where are the images stored on a MyID system?


    There are various images used in MyID for such uses as card holder photographs, identity documents, backgrounds and banners for card printing and so on.

    On early versions of MyID these were stored on the MyID web server, but for various reasons to improve the product, most have now been migrated to database storage. Intercede are currently investigating the possibility of moving all images to database storage.

    At the time of writing, MyID v11.2 is the current version of the product and there are 3 possible locations for the images:

    1. By default on new installs, the vast majority of images are stored in the database. This includes user photographs and identity documents.

    2. There are still a few images that are used for the card layout that are still located in the Upimages folder on the web server, but this can be a problem in environments that have multiple web servers. These are the images that are being considered for migration to the database in a future version.

    3. Customer customisation sometimes include images which are usually stored on the web server and often share the Upimages folder with card layout images. If you are considering purchasing customisation’s for your MyID system, please discuss your image storage requirements with the project manager.

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