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    One of the major benefits of a cloud service is that we can add new features and enhancements much more frequently than traditional ‘on-premise’ software. In our latest release, we have focused on improving what happens to credentials that have been cancelled or need to be replaced – making life easier for the system administrators and simplifying the end user experience.

    There could be many reasons for replacing credentials – maybe the user’s name has changed or their certificate is expiring. Cancelling the credentials in the MyID dashboard will trigger the replacement when the user next logs on to Windows. During this process, we’ll make sure the old credentials are removed from the computer so the user doesn’t see extra logon tiles in Windows.

    This feature is also useful if the initial issuance process didn’t fully complete – the invalid credential will be cleaned up from the computer, so if the user retries collection they don’t end up with multiple credentials left in place.

    Should the user no longer be entitled to a MyID credential, removing their entitlement in Active Directory will cancel those credentials. After the next Windows logon, the credentials will be removed from the user’s computer.

    To make use of this new feature you will need the latest version of the Provisioner component which will be automatically downloaded onto your bridge server. You will also need to update the GPO scripts provided or if you have created your own GPO scripts update them following the examples in the provided scripts.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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