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    Earlier this month, we launched our new MyID service web pages to help people find out more about how the service can help them replace passwords with secure credentials. These pages provide introductory information, demonstration videos and access to the software for registering and setting up a service account.

    Our new online documentation is also available – this goes into detail about how the service works, provides information for IT Engineers to help plan deployment of the service and guidance to administrators on managing the service.

    Any specific questions you have can now be posted to our discussion forum.

    In this release of the MyID service we have introduced an email verification step to the service creation process – this will

    · Confirm registration of your MyID service

    · Allow us to associate multiple services to one owner

    · Let you notify us if the service was created in error (leading to the service being suspended and removed)

    We are also continuing to build in behind the scenes enhancements that help make the service robust and scalable.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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