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    Step-by-step – for WordPress site administrators

    To enable RapID authentication in your WordPress site, you need to:

    Install and enable the RapID Secure Login WordPress Plugin on your site (use Plugins->Add new).
    Install the RapID Secure Login app, from the Google Play Store (for Android phones) or from the Apple AppStore, on your mobile device. (Don’t get it confused with the RapID Connect app!)
    Scan the QR Code in the RapID Secure Login WordPress Plugin Settings Page using the RapID Secure Login mobile app.
    The App will guide you through the RapID sign-up process to create an account for your site.
    That’s it! Your site is RapID enabled and ready to go!

    As an administrator, you may now add RapID Login to your accounts:

    Log in and go to your WordPress User Profile (Users->Your Profile) and scroll down to the RapID section.
    Click on the RapID logo to request a credential for your mobile device.
    A RapID QR code is shown. Scan this with the RapID-SL app on your mobile device and follow the instructions.
    To add a RapID Login control to your own page, simply use the short-code: rp_secure_login

    Step-by-step – as a subscriber to a WordPress site

    As a normal website user, all you need to do is to install the RapID Secure Login app (RapID-SL) on your phone from the Google Play Store (for Android) or from the Apple AppStore.

    Then, if you already have a password login to a RapID-enabled site, you can go to ‘My Profile’ (or another page specifically created by the web administrator), click on the ‘RapID’ logo and scan the resulting QR code with the RapID-SL app. Then you provide either a PIN or a fingerprint to register with the site. The next time you log in, you can just scan the login code with the RapID-SL app.

    If you are creating a new account and the site administrator has allowed self-registration, you can fill in some of your details in the RapID-SL app. You do this by selecting Info and then adding your name and email address as a minimum. You can also add a meaningful name for your phone. When this is done, you click ‘Register’ on the website, scan the QR code and click ‘Register’ in the app to confirm your details.

    If the site administrator has configured mandatory activation emails, your user will need to confirm the account by responding to the WordPress activation email before logging on to the site.

    That’s it!

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