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    RapID’s cloud service is the fastest and simplest way to protect your apps, data and end-users.
    Easy Implementation: Simply include a few lines of code to use our SDK.
    The RapID environment comprises:
    Your existing client App, which includes the RapID client library.
    Your existing web service, which includes the RapID server library.
    A RapID Server, an exclusive cloud service for each provider enabling one-time registration of end users.
    RapID One-time Registration using your existing customer on-boarding method to identify your customer (via postal or SMS activation code for example)

    RapID Authentication is then automatic, combining a simple PIN or fingerprint with a digital identity held securely on the device. This provides security, convenience and ensures the right person is using the right device, without the need for further connection to the RapID server.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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