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    RapID-SL has the option to completely block password login if you choose that option from the settings page.
    It’s best to ensure that you have at least two admin accounts with different phones enabled for administrators before you lock your site down this thoroughly!
    However, you can always manually back-out the plugin if you need to regain password access. (Hint – do keep a secure record of your admin password, even if you always use your phone to logon).
    To remove the RapID-SL plugin without access to the site administration menus, you will need to get ftp or other file access to your site.
    See your ISP for how to achieve this.
    Once you have file access, you need to navigate to the rapid plugin folder. This is usually in ‘/wp-content/plugins/rp-auth’.
    In this folder, simply rename the file ‘rpsl_main.php’ so that it won’t be processed – change it to ‘rpsl_main.phpX’ for example.

    You normal admin logon screen will now be restored. Note that any shortcodes you have used for custom logon screens will no longer be rendered.

    Once you have logged on as admin, you can rename the file back again, refresh the Installed Plugins page and reactivate RapID-SL. Then go to edit your profile and request a new credential for your phone.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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