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    Hi, i’m not able to add any other site after the first. The procedure seems to run ok, but also in the mobile app i just see the first site i added and any more.

    MyID SupportMyID Support

    Hi Samuel
    It looks like you successfully configured and collected the Portal and WP Admin credentials for your first site on the 18th July 2017.

    We can see that, today, you have used the same RapID-SL account and think you are trying to configure a new site.

    If you are configuring a new site using the same RapID-SL account, you will need to collect a new WP Admin credential for this site.

    To collect the new WP Admin credential –
    Login to your new WP site as an administrator.
    Go to your user profile and click on the RapID logo to generate a QR code.
    Using the RapID-SL app, scan the QR code and collect a WP Admin credential.
    Then you will see the new credential in the app, this will be linked to the new site and allow you to login using RapID-SL.

    We hope this solves your problem.
    If you are not trying to configure a new site or have any other issues, please let us know and provide as much detail as possible so we can help.



    It worked, don’t know why i forgot the step of create the admin credential in the site.

    Thanks for your Support


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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